Liang's tokenomics represents a sophisticated and well-structured model designed to ensure transparency, community involvement, and the sustainable growth of the project. The allocation of profits speaks to Liang's commitment to sharing success with its community and fostering a decentralized ecosystem.

Director 8% Data Center Infrastructure Management 14% Banking 18% Airdrop 2% IT 15% Advisory 13% Media Management 5% CEX-DEX Liquidity 25%

  • Director (8%): At the helm of Liang's strategic decisions, the Director allocation reflects the leadership's dedication to the project's vision. This percentage ensures that key decision-makers are directly aligned with the success of the Liang community, encouraging responsible governance and sustained project development.

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (14%): Acknowledging the critical role of robust infrastructure in crypto, the allocation for Data Center Infrastructure Management underscores Liang's commitment to maintaining a secure, efficient, and scalable network. This investment ensures the reliability and performance of the platform, contributing to a seamless user experience.

  • Banking (18%): The substantial allocation to banking highlights Liang's ambition to integrate with traditional financial systems. This allocation signifies strategic partnerships, regulatory compliance efforts, and the development of financial instruments that bridge the gap between traditional banking and the decentralized world of cryptocurrency.

  • Airdrop (2%): The Airdrop allocation emphasizes Liang's dedication to community engagement and growth. This percentage is earmarked for initiatives directly involving the community, rewarding loyal supporters, and introducing new participants to the Liang ecosystem through strategic airdrop campaigns.

  • IT (15%): In the fast-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, a significant portion is dedicated to Information Technology. This allocation is crucial for ongoing development, security enhancements, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to keep Liang at the forefront of innovation within the digital financial realm.

  • Advisory (13%): Acknowledging the importance of expert guidance, the Advisory allocation is dedicated to collaborating with seasoned professionals in the cryptocurrency industry. This pool ensures that Liang benefits from external insights, best practices, and strategic advice, reinforcing the project's long-term viability and resilience.

  • Media Management (5%): Recognizing the significance of effective communication in crypto, the Media Management allocation is set aside for marketing, public relations, and community outreach efforts. This investment aims to build awareness, attract a diverse audience, and foster a positive public image for Liang.

  • CEX-DEX Liquidity (25%): A substantial portion is allocated to liquidity, specifically for Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges (CEX-DEX). This allocation ensures a healthy trading environment, providing liquidity for traders and investors while enhancing the overall stability and market presence of the LIANG token.